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Hikaru no Go Doujinshi

A Hikago Doujinshi Appreication Society

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Hello and welcome to hikago_djs, a community where members can post Hikaru no Go doujinshi, het, yaoi, or yuri. We encourage members to also provide raws in hopes that fellow fans will be willing to translate and others be willing to edit the scanlations.

Plus as a general rule, please do not redistribute any scans of raw or scanlated doujinshi outside of the community if the poster does not wish for them to leave hikago_djs. Posters who do not want redistribution should say so in the notes to their posts.

Translator Post
Scanner Post
Editor Post
QC Post
Monthly/Bi-Monthly Theme Challenges
Translation Contest Guidelines (Closed)
Age Statement Post New Members must comment here right after/before joining or they will not be added as members of the community

Sister communities: hxh_doujinshi, deathnote_djs, fma_djs, & finalfantasy_dj

Moderated by shinra_lackey <--- Throw tomatoes and random questions at her.
Co-Mod and Graphics Designer: ramen_rules
Organizational Mod: sasuko

Other communities devoted to series specific doujinshi:
fma_scans (FMA)
dc_community (FMA, only het pairings)
alchemicwork (FMA, only files)
central_library (FMA, only files)
pot_doujinshi (Prince of Tennis)
pot_djs (Prince of Tennis)
tenipuri_ds (PoT, seems discontinued)
hp_doujin (Harry Potter)
ygo_doujinshi (Yu-Gi-Oh)

tokudane (lists bl manga/doujinshi scanlations released)
yaoi_daily (allows posting of any bl scanlation)
crimsonevening (allows yaoi, yuri, and het manga, doujinshi, and anime, but no licensed titles)

All text and images posted to this community are meant for fun and artistic merit rather than profit. All Hikaru no Go characters are property of Hotta and Obata and the manga publisher, Shueisha, as well as the anime producer, Studio Pierrot.

Characters depicted herein are all over the age of majority, and the images and stories depicted or described are works of fiction and not meant to have any basis in real life or be encouragement for any real life action.